Are You SICK Of Weight Loss Plans That DON'T WORK?

I Know Your Pain All Too Well... It Took Me Years To Finally Lose 60 lbs, & I Want To Share With You How I Did It. 

Hi, my name is Stephanie Matos, I am an exercise physiologist, writer, and researcher. I have worked in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Much of that time has been spent helping people get the healthy, fit bodies they want and deserve. When most people meet me they automatically assume I have been thin and fit my whole life. As a matter of fact, I have even had some clients tell me, “You don’t understand what it’s like to be overweight  and out of shape! You have been skinny your whole life!” But this could not be further from the truth! The truth is, I used to be overweight! And not just 5 or 10 pounds overweight, I was 60 pounds overweight!

I wrote Mindful Weight Loss Method to help more people around the world have the healthy and fit bodies they want and deserve, not for just a special occasion, but for life. I welcome and encourage you to take on the Mindful Weight Loss Method over the next 90 days and start to transform into the healthier and happier you, today!

If I Can Do It...

YOU Can Too!






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Mindful Weight Loss Method eBook

After trying every weight loss pill, diet, and workout on the market unsuccessfully, Stephanie Matos finally figured out the secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever. Her own 60 pound weight loss is what inspired her to share what she discovered with the world. Mindful Weight Loss Method, How to lose weight and keep it off forever, includes all of the science based tips and techniques she used to lose weight, along with personal stories and anecdotes from her weight loss journey.

Mindful Weight Loss Method Workbook

This detailed 38 page workbook goes hand and hand with the eBook. Each and every exercise was made specifically to get to the heart of WHY you are overweight and WHAT you need to do in order to finally lose weight and keep it off forever!

Mindful Action Plan

This Mindful Action Plan will allow you to create your own personal 60-day weight loss plan with ease! Not only will you receive a blank template MAP you will also receive a complete sample MAP. This sample plan will show you exactly what a successful 60-day MAP should look like. With this fool proof planning tool you will be on your way to sustainable weight loss in no time!

Mindful Action Tracker

The Mindful Action Tracker (MAT) goes hand in hand with your MAP. As you will soon learn, Mindful Actions are a key component to the Mindful Weight Loss Method. Your weight loss goals and Mindful Actions must be measured and tracked on a weekly basis to ensure your success! The MAT will allow you to track everything with ease! Just like the MAP, you will also receive both blank and sample versions of your MAT.

Mindful Weight Loss Hunger Scale

This scale was specifically created to be used in conjunction with the Mindful Weight Loss Method. This scale will allow you to closely monitor your appetite before and after every meal, allowing you to end mindLESS overeating forever.

24 Travel Size Mindful Activation Cards

These pocket sized cards are an amazing addition to this bundle! Each set of cards contain specialized exercises, reminders, and motivational quotes created specifically to jumpstart your weight loss journey on a daily basis!

90 Day Mindful Weight Loss Table

This table is provided to give you an easy way to track your 90 days. Simply “tick” off each box at the end of the day. This will serve as a visual reminder as to how close you are to completing your 90 day plan.

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  • Mindful Weight Loss Method eBook
  • Mindful Weight Loss Method Workbook (38 pages)
  • Mindful Action Plan – Sample & Blank
  • Mindful Action Tracker – Sample & Blank
  • Mindful Weight Loss Hunger Scale
  • Mindful Activation Cards (24 cards)
  • 90 Day Mindful Weight Loss Table
  • Weekly Accountability Emails

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 Hear What Others Are Saying About
Mindful Weight Loss Method

"I Lost 60 lbs With The Mindful Weight Loss Method & You Can Too!"

'Sharing these pictures with you isn’t easy but I know it is necessary to prove the Mindful Weight Loss Method really works! Although my external transformation is the most obvious in these photos, really the transformation that happened internally is what allowed me to lose the weight. When you buy the Mindful Weight Loss Method eBook and Pro Package, you will have all the science based tips and techniques I used so you can transform from the inside out too! The bottom line is, if I can do it YOU CAN do it!! And I promise to help you every step of the way.'

- Stephanie, Author of the Mindful Weight Loss Method

"My “Freshman 15” Turned Into My “Senior 35!”

'After being thin my whole life, most people (including myself!) thought I was blessed with a “skinny gene” and would never have to worry about gaining weight. When I went away to college I found out we were wrong! The typical “Freshman 15” soon turned into the “Senior 35.” On my graduation day, instead of being proud, I was embarrassed and ashamed of my weight.

Thanks to the Mindful Weight Loss Method, I lost all 35 pounds and have kept them off for over 11 years now. If you want to lose weight AND keep it off forever the Mindful Weight Loss Method is for you!'

- Jacquelyn

"I Hit My 65 lb Weight Loss Goal In Just 8 Months & I'm Keeping It Off!"

'Looking back at all my past weight loss struggles, I now realize it was my MIND that needed to change before I could successfully lose weight. This is exactly what the tips and techniques in the Mindful Weight Loss Method helped me to do.

So many people have asked me “How did you lose so much weight?” I can tell you, I believe in this plan wholeheartedly and know the Mindful Weight Loss Method will help me to lose even more weight! The Mindful Weight Loss Method community and weekly emails from Steph are also great motivators!'

- Adrianne

"You Cannot Exercise Yourself Out Of Poor Eating Habits."

'Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t exercise yourself out of poor eating habits.” Well I am living proof that saying is true! I have always been a very active guy but before I knew it 40 extra pounds had managed to creep on.

The Mindful Weight Loss Method taught me what I needed to learn to lose those 40 pounds and keep them off. The best part is since it isn’t a strict diet; I can still eat the foods I love.'

- Justin

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